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We are currently booking International projects, NCA routines, and NEW World Music

Twisted Info

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icon Who We Are

Full Service Creative Studio

  • Cheerleading Music Projects
  • Dance Team Projects
  • Performance Arts
  • Commercial Projects
  • Voice Over Services
  • Music Production
  • Choreography Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Tumbling Clinics
  • Stunt Camps

icon What We Do & How

Twisted Mix services are second to none, the best in the industry.  We have the most innovative and creative production talent and we use the best studio equipment to create flawless sounding projects.


  • Mac and PC
  • 32" LCD's
  • Mac Pro - 16GB RAM
  • Gateway FX - Windows Vista recording laptop for mobile projects
  • Terabytes of memory
  • AKG & Shure Microphones
  • Yamaha Interface
  • Studio Monitors, Monster Cables, and Vocal Acoustic treatment.

Software & VST Plugins

  • Pro Tools 9
  • Sony Acid Pro 7
  • Sony Sound Forge 10
  • Adobe Audition 3.0
  • Izotope, BombFactory, Audition, Sony, Antares Auto-Tune, and many more!


icon FAQ

A list of questions that Twisted Mix regularly receives from new clients.  This is a guide to better assist our clients.

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Andrew Dyerson

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